Licensing Online Games – 5 Strategies For Licensing Online Games

Online games have grown to be hugely popular recently, not just with games portals, but because marketing tools for non-games companies. Getting your personal branded game in your web site to market your brand or product not just attracts new visitors and increases your brand awareness, it will get these potential customers promoting your website via person to person. Throw social media sites for example Twitter or Facebook in to the mix and also the buzz you may create from getting your personal game may have a huge affect on your internet traffic.

You will find typically 3 routes you are able to decide to try getting your personal game. First of all you are able to develop it internally, but that’s pricey and time intensive. Your or your staff not just learn Flash, but additionally game development concepts. Next you can employ a games developer, but as with every specialist skills that is included with a professional cost tag. Finally you are able to license a current game, incorperate your own emblem and links (and perhaps possess a developer reskin it for you personally with new graphics).

The licensing route is becoming a lot more popular as more games become open to license. However, to prevent the pitfalls of purchasing an unacceptable game, or own which is pricey to rebrand, listed here are my 5 strategies for selecting a Flash game license.

Good playability

Games ought to be fun – basically. A game title might have probably the most spectacular graphics on the planet, by having an intricate storyline, and superb music, but when not fun to experience these potential customers will rapidly become bored. Frequently it is the simplest of games what are most playable and addictive, just consider the classics like Tetris or Pacman. How can you know if a game title is fun? Simple, you listen to it! If you are not a gamer ask somebody that is, and inside a couple of minutes you know when the game is nice!

Good graphics

Good graphics needn’t be masterpieces of art. Again, much like game play the very best graphics are frequently simple, however they look neat and get the job done correctly. Consider the game, will it look appealing? May be the interface well organized? Does everything seem like it ought to be there?

Simple to brand

If your game wasn’t initially made to be licensed then it might be hard to rebrand. Unless of course you are familiar with Flash, or get access to a skilled Flash developer then it is best to license games which were developed with licensing in your mind, instead of simply approaching the developer of the game you want. It’ll most likely result in significantly less hassle.

Well commented

Games could be complicated programs. Even a skilled developer will take a moment to see and understand another programmer’s code, however that process can be created considerably faster and simpler when the code is commented. Games which are equipped for licensing and rebranding will usually be commented, because they were developed with the thought of rebranding in your mind. Games that have been developed just for distribution to games portals frequently will not be commented in order to save time.

Tutorials or docs

This is particularly important if you wish to rebrand the sport yourself, instead of employ a Flash developer. When the game include rebranding documentation like a PDF manual, and maybe even video lessons, that can make the operation of adding your links and logos, and perhaps reskinning the graphics much faster and simpler.

There’s without doubt that using Online games as marketing tools is rising. Once purely available to big companies within-house development teams, viral Online games are actually open to anybody via licensing. Don’t wait to become pipped towards the publish from your competition, and give a branded game to your website today!