Review of chess game: itsadvantages and the best platform to play online

Millions and millions of people around the world still play chess every day, as it was 1500 years ago. Thanks to the differentgood things we can get through playing chess, it is much more than a simple game. In this piece, we are going tofind outinteresting chess review, more precisely,about what benefits this game brings to them as well as the best places available to play according to them.

The benefits of playing chess

Most chess players have witnessed that playing this fun game has brought significant changes in their way of living. It teaches them different things in various ways. In fact, they find chess very stimulating, which increases their intellectual abilities, develops their critical thinking and strengthens their memory muscles. Moreover, most of them recommend it to people who want to gain enough self-confidence.

Like in any game, you may win or lose. Some people think that chess teaches them to stay strong in life despite failure they may face. They have learnt to accept losing and learn from those losses to be better for the future. Through analyzing their losses, they can easily get what points to improve. Others find that it helps them to concentrate more at what they do, as playing chess requires total focus. Apart from that, we have also discovered through chess review that chess fans become more and more creative;they are able to think outside the box.

Through playing chess, most people have noticed they become more able to solve any problems and challenges they face in their daily lives. In addition, they learnt to make decisions easily when they cope with something. They can handle any situations calmly. In other words, they know how to stay calm even under pressurein order to perform better. Chess is also, for them, an excellent tool to exercise the mind in order to make the brain function better and stay active. Chess review has also shown that the only disadvantage people find is that you may be addicted to it and may neglect other essential and important things.

The two best platforms to play chess online

The development of technology has made it possible to play chess online. All you need is an internet connection. As a chess player, you need to make sure you are playing in the best platform if you want to improve your skills. After conducting a chess review, we can share you the best sites people find fantastic and promising. Among the many options available, most chess enthusiasts choose and remains the most recommended site for many reasons. It provides many chess games, as well as interactive video and tutorials you can use as a guide.You can also challenge yourself with more tactical puzzles. In addition, you can control your progress well and identify your strengths and weaknesses as it provides a statistical analysis report of all your games.

Another reference in the world of chess, Lichess allows you to play freely, without any subscription or paid registration.A free and open chess server, it attracts millions of players from all over the world.They have a large choice between the different tournaments and games available. Not only is it a place to play, but it also teaches the basics that help you in your progress at chess. At Lichess, you can also analyze and study your game after playing and see what to change in the gameplay in order to improve. Lichess provides complete and progressive courses, tutorials videos, tactic puzzles as well,for both beginners and advanced players.