The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Role Substitution in LOL Games

Starting its journey in 2012, the League of Legends continues to be one of the most popular online video games. It is one of the highest-participated games in the world. With more than 100 million active viewers, the game is now a favourite among the most hardcore professional players. The professionals, after years of playing, have found a way to crack the complexity of the games. Accordingly, game designers have made many new twists and turns, which are very tough to master. This is where you might need some extra help to understand the game mechanics better. However, while you search for an online training partner, you might have got many questions in mind. Here is an attempt to answer some of them. 

How Does the Course Work?

There are many services, such as lectures on roll substitute ( 대리), available online. Once you consult with customer support and choose a package, the staff from the website will assist in paying. And once you make a safe and secure payment, the team will assign a driver in no time. After completing the process, the team will let you know that also. 

What You Would Learn

You get comprehensive training such as:

  • Tips to boost rank: you will learn to play the roles that you prefer in the right way.
  • Training to develop game mechanics: this means that you would learn to develop good gaming habits, as well as do away with the “bad” ones.
  • You also get help to learn the macro aspects of the games in detail. 

How much time might it take?

Generally, the work starts right after your payment is confirmed. However, it can get a bit delayed when you tutoring the team’s pursuit of excellence. They work from dawn to dusk to meet special requests, such as specific champions, specific lines, or very high/ unranked accounts of win rate. 

Can those playing around you sense that you’ve given a roll to substitute?

In all honesty, your assigned instructor would not show any facts about the contents of the lecture. However, the facts about roll substitute (롤 대리) remain documented in the contracts along with the instructors. This helps you to understand the process better and go ahead with confidence.

This is something that many clients seem to be worried about. So when there is a question of role substitute, you can have the choice of going solo and not a duo. And if to choose a role dup, then you can have the choice to alter the duo account with every game that you play. 


Lastly, you should know that such courses are ideal for players of all competencies. It does not matter whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned professional. And the course fee of the most reliable teams might not be the cheapest of the lot. However, with them, there would always be an option for a refund under certain conditions. Make sure to check the online forums for some trustable recommendations.