Choose Your Perfect Pool table

Pool equipment, like any other product, is subject to price-quality relationships. Before you buy a pool table, it is very important not only to determine the size of the room where it will stand, but also to choose the right accessories for pools. Of course, it is for you to decide to buy a pool table in economy or luxury class, it depends only on the purpose of buying the table and, of course, on the budget for the purchase. The right choice primarily depends on the materials used and the design features of the pool table. The life of the table and its gaming characteristics depend on them. You can have the pool tables brands reviewed there.

Room dimensions

Regardless of how much you decide to spend on a pool table, this parameter, namely the minimum size of free space for installation, will always be decisive.

Comments on the table:

  • If it is not possible to allocate a free space of 4×5 m (without columns, fireplaces and oversized furniture) for the installation of pools, then it is better to completely abandon the idea of ​​having a pool table.
  • If the free space is more than 5×7 m, then you can put a pool table of any size.
  • Preference should be given to the table as large as possible to set the size, in accordance with the direction of the pools, which you prefer.

It is not recommended to set alternative table sizes, as this leads to a loss of interest. Example: I want a pool table for the pyramid, and the room allows you to put only a table measuring 8 feet. It is better to set up a full-fledged pool table for a 9-foot pool (tournament size) and master another direction of pools than to lose interest in pools in general by playing on such a small table.

Frame, legs and sides

Before you buy a pool table, you should ask the sellers what tree it is made of. An ideal material for the manufacture of structural load-bearing parts frames, sides and support legs is considered an array of hardwoods oak, walnut, mahogany, ash. It is these rocks that allow the table to preserve the geometry of parts as much as possible with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Tables made of soft wood species alder, linden, pine, which can cost an order of magnitude cheaper, but at the same time they do not differ in durability.


The thickness and height of the frame must correspond to the specified, with smaller dimensions, the frame design will have less rigidity, and the table can “walk”. For a table measuring 9-11 feet the thickness of the frame should be at least 40 mm. The ideal frame height for a 12-foot table is 200 mm.