FIFA 20 new gameplay features

The most awaited FIFA20 has come up with a lot of new gameplay features that have revealed by EA sports recently. Some of the features have already mentioned in June yet you could see in detail. Just read on to know more about the new gameplay features that involved in FIFA 20.

  • Set Piece Refresh

Users can enjoy full control over the most difficult situation that determines the possible outcome of every match of FIFA20. No matter which game mode you have entered, set-piece refresh features enable you to add more creativity to the team. With this feature, users can add various positions includes dip, curl, knuckle and kick to the free balls. All you need to do is to choose the target, pick the time and start rocking.

  • 1v1’s

An interesting feature that enables the user to engage in the game more. Users will be facing some real situations where they need to fight for the award. The game mode runs within the one-on-one situation.

  • Engaging in 

Regardless of various obstacles, players should win the one-on-one battles. So, both the defender and the dribbler should take more time to fight against each other. If the ultimate team is boredom for you, simply choose the One-on-One battles.

Understanding the reality of football is essential when it comes to playing FIFA20. You will be able to earn more coins only if you pass the basic one-on-one level. After you have been playing for a long time, you can easily find out the best players. With this basic idea, you can win at no time.

  • Strafe Dribbling

Strafe Dribbling empathizes the “Do or Die” proverb. Yes, just kill them with your skill or die hard. The strafe dribbling options give a tough fight to average players. So, make sure that you are highly skilled before fighting with players who use this option. It will get you to another dimension for sure.


From the name itself, you will be able to guess what it means. Yes, the user will have full control with active touch tackling which helps you throughout the game.


Before entering into the one-one-one mode, don’t forget to choose the composed finishing option. The more risk you take, the less complex it takes to win the mode.

  • Dynamic One-On-Ones

The one-on-ones are an amazing feature that has announced by FIFA recently. Instead of trying out the same techniques over and over, players should spend some time to adopt this method. It could have been easier yet challenging for beginners. Once you change the course of the game mode, you will get increased control to fight the players. Whenever you want to take full control over your partners, don’t hesitate to choose the dynamic one-on-ones options. It can help you a lot when a difficult situation has to be faced.


Do you know about defending overhaul? You can approach some best players in the game mode that you choose. Win your game easily by choosing the better defensive support that is provided by the EA team. Whether you are using the tackling system or overhauled positioning, you can easily approach the rest of the game. Be patient and make sure that the team you are going to build is reliable and trustworthy

  • Natural player motion

For competitive individuals, running at a higher speed is always crazy.  The natural player motion comes at an advanced speed which enables the user to experience realistic movement with a bit of innovation. The position at which you start the game is important because you will keep running the game with the same position. While playing games at the desired speed is interesting, choosing a natural player motion option goes quite interesting.

  • Planned tackling

FIFA is going to iterate several changes and the user will be enjoying interesting features like planned tackling. It features the defending system which can be upgraded if you meet the desired threshold. It can be renewed later.

  • Improved jockey system

While choosing the manual defend system, the improved jockey system can help you. Here, AI intelligence is effectively used to make the game more interesting.

  • Green timing window

Until FIFA 19, the Green timing window was quite popular. However, the timed shots for the green timing window will be diminished in FIFA20, which makes it difficult for average players to survive in the ultimate team. Players may eventually lose interest over time. Engaging in a 180-degree shot is less powerful as compared to FIFA 19.

  • Volley shots

When it comes to FIFA 20, Volley shots are less accurate. So, you need to spend more time to practice with the new volley shots. It also becomes hard to stay top in the competitive ground. So, it is up to you to choose the right precision that best suits the volley shots.

  • Ball Physics system

The ball physics system has been incorporated as a new feature. Such features make the game more interesting and realistic. You will be seeing how the football moves around. For competitive individuals, the Ball physics system makes sense. You will be seeing how the football spins and how much time it takes to set a goal.

  • Goalkeepers position

Goalkeepers were doing great till FIFA 19. So, EA has come up with the new movement and reactions for goalkeepers. When you are running one-on-one mode, you can enjoy watching different goalkeeper movement and reactions. This feature reflects the game reality and enhances the user to support the ultimate team. Players can have less control over goalkeepers so that the movement of sweeper-keeper gets reduced.

To enjoy full control throughout the game, the ultimate team should focus on essential factors such as

  • Spacing movement
  • Game flow
  • Tools
  • Tools

Achieving the One-on-One situation in the FIFA game is the foremost step. The next step is to use the given tools to manage the players from both sides. New tools of FIFA20 is listed below

  • New Strafe Dribble
  • Agile Jockey system
  • Controlled Tackling

Players are recommended to focus above tools to reach the maximum target.

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