Get Ready India to Play Satta Matka Online

The year 1961 marks an important timeline in the history of India’s betting manual. Before this year, people found it interesting to bid on the opening and closing prices of the imported cotton from New York cotton exchange to the Bombay. Gradually it started becoming a fun-loving game of the lower-income group of the society. In that particular year, this sport was banned and this type of practice was considered illegal. Then a random person Ratan Khatri decided to launch a game of lottery system and named it “Satta Matka”. Random numbers are written on chits and each chit is a bidding unit of a specific sum of money. These chits are put inside an earthen pot and some chits are picked up. Winners are declared hence.

This game received a massive response first in Mumbai and then in other states. Ratan got famous and came to be known as “ King of Satta Matka”. Gradually with the busy work life, this game lost its shine and got substituted by the online form in a mobile screen. Here instead of the market, a lottery is performed by an inbuilt algorithm and the money is deposited or withdrawn through online banking. No requirement of a physical agent here which makes the game quite flexible.

Is there any specific website for playing this game?

DPBOSS is a well-known website that offers this betting game to perform. By investing a minimum amount of Rs.500, he can play this game. Deposit is received only from Paytm wallet option. It is difficult to find an authentic website that has no illegal licenses and guarantees user’s money. DPBOSS has been adopted in the online betting market by a huge population of brokers and it is giving valuable service maintaining constant reputation. The brokers are real and take full responsibility of the bet on behalf of the user he is playing for.

What are the variations in this game?

  • 1,2,3 to 9 – 9 figures consisting of single-digit numbers
  • 00,01,02, to 99- 155 figures consisting of double-digit numbers
  • 100,101,102…- consisting of three-digit numbers called PANNA

Kalyan Matka, Main Mumbai Matka and Rajdhani Day/Night Matka are some of the popular options that run under the betting game.

Is the experience is required to play this game?

No, experience is not required to play this game. But over time in this game, a person gradually becomes matured to take risky decisions since it is a game of probability. One should be responsible for any step taken on account of greed in terms of a massive loss. DPBOSS Satta is always ready to help the player with the daily Matka charts available in their portal with a specific duration of each game. The player should always check the Kalyan Matka weekly Jodi to make strategies and perform well in the upcoming game. With a minimum investment of Rs.500, one is ready to start the game though is allowed to invest above the amount. The deposit is accepted in Paytm mode only. The games are run throughout the day in a week with intermediate breaks.

How to withdraw the amount?

DPBOSS Matka is genuine and trustable which is reflected in the bank transaction transparency. One can withdraw the profit amount smoothly without any request approval of the software application. On clicking the “Withdrawl Amount” option, the player can see two options- Paytm and bank transfer. The maximum withdrawal limit of Paytm is Rs.15000 and in case of bank transfer, it is Rs.1 lakh. But bank transfer deducts a service charge of 3% on the deposited money.